NO! The course you pay for, you have access to for life. No matter what changes The Swag Academy undergoes, you will always have access to the course you paid for unless otherwise stated. As far as new features for the Swag Academy, since they weren’t offered and/or active during your time of purchase, it is up to the full discretion of The Swag Academy if they want to gift previous members with it for free, or if payment is required to access; but whatever you see once you purchase, that is yours for life!
It depends on what your goals are! In a short answer, yes there are other resources available. A paid online course is not necessarily needed. There are free books such as: “10 Essentials to Forex Trading” and “Naked Forex” that teach you about day trading, and there’s a free website called: “” that explains what day trading is and the definitions you need to know. I am NOT getting paid for referring those different resources. If you’re looking to just understand day trading so the jargon doesn’t seem like a different language, please utilize these free resources. An issue most people have with studying from those free resources, is that you can’t contact anyone for help if something confuses you. That is the one of the main reasons people decide to pay for an online course. Whether the instructor helps or the community helps, an online course can provide a sense of comfort. I personally utilized every free resource I could find before paying for several different courses. You decide what’s best for you! A free resource is free but you may find the information hard to grasp. A course is not free but the person may explain the information in a way you can understand it. The same applies for the opposite way! You may not like how the person explains a topic whereas a book or a free website may explain it better. Please make sure you weigh out the pros & cons of both before ultimately deciding on what’s best for you!
No! That’s the great part about it. We have structured the information so that if someone who’s never even heard of day trading before, wanted to join the course, the information walks them step by step from a complete beginner to being very knowledgeable about day trading. Now, we are not saying: “ANYONE can join and make money! Come on, what are you waiting for?” Not at all. Yes anyone can join and learn the information as the model is structured that way, but NO, we are not saying anybody can just join this course and be guaranteed to make money by next week. We are NOT saying that. We are simply saying if you’re interested in learning about day trading, you don’t have to have any prior knowledge coming into this course as the information at the start is beginner friendly. That being said, be aware that commodities trading (such as Forex) involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge and financial resources.
Swaggy is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (administered by the NFEC – National Financial Educators Council) but, Swaggy is not a financial advisor when it pertains to securities or commodities. The videos within my Academy are for educational and entertainment purposes, and from my perspective only. Your investments, brokerage and trading are solely your responsibility. Please refer to the disclaimers at the bottom of the page especially the risk disclaimer before joining. Please also read every Q&A on the FAQ before joining.


There’s no guarantee that taking this course will lead to any particular outcome. If you’re joining this course because you think it’ll instantly turn you into a millionaire, please do not join. Yes, it’s possible to become a millionaire from day trading, but in no way does this course promote any sure-fire formula to get rich, nor does it suggest that there’s a secret algorithm that only we have access to, nor are we saying you’ll be able to quit your job just by simply taking the course. Please re-read that last sentence again so you’re clear on the expectations you have with this course. This course is to teach you about day trading from the perspective of Chris Williams. It is NOT guaranteeing any profits, any percentage gains, and any lifestyle changes. I do believe the information has superb value and you can truly benefit from it but that is my opinion. Ultimately, you are the judge. I do have a refund policy in place in the case those who join are not happy. My goal is to make you fully happy and educated with the information in this course but if I fall short of that, I understand and I don’t want you to feel like you wasted your money.
Currently, The Goat Academy is a one-time payment.
No. This course is not a course that is saying you can turn $500 into $500,000 in a few short months as long as you invest in the program. Not at all. We are NOT like other Forex platforms out there. We are not guaranteeing ANY profits as it is extremely hard to do so. Meaning, 50 people can take this course, start demo trading from the material learned and try and live trade and have a huge significant gain on their account. 100 people can go the same route except these group of people actually lose. It’s not possible to guarantee results, and past results do not predict future performance. This is the main reason why we can’t guarantee profits for ANYONE. If you make A LOT of money, great. If you don’t, understandable. Regardless, we have the same goal and mission every time with every person which is to educate those on day trading so they at least have the knowledge of day trading if they ever decided to trade a demo account in the future, followed by a live account. Remember, your account with a brokerage is solely your responsibility. I am not part of any referral program with a broker; meaning I’m not getting paid to recommend one nor am I referring one for my own gain. Feel free to choose whatever broker you’re comfortable with; I just only recommend that that broker be registered with the CFTC (U.S.), FCA (U.K), IIROC (Canada), or the regulators that govern commodities trading in any other country where you may live. Be aware that this site is focused on the U.S. commodities markets that are regulated by the CFTC and the National Futures Association; it is possible that some or all of the material in our course may be subject to different regulations in other countries. Consult your local law and regulations and your personal broker before deciding to buy this course. Another reason why I priced the course at a cheaper price point than most of the educational sites out there is because while I do believe there’s a price to pay for learning something important, especially something that took a lot of time and effort to create and takes a lot of dedication to maintain, I don’t think you should pay thousands of dollars for financial information. We try to make it easy here at the Swag Academy; meaning that once you purchase, you should only focus on learning. If you end up hating it, it’ll be unfortunate, but there is a refund policy in place :).
Yes. Please click the link at the bottom of the page for the FULL DESCRIPTION but for a quick summary: If you have viewed less than 10% of the material, you are entitled to a full refund if requested, no questions asked! Maybe I’ll ask a question just to receive constructive criticism on what I can do to improve the course, but you won’t get any pushback on receiving a refund if you’ve watched less than 10% of the material. Just email: and your request will be initiated shortly after.
In this scenario, The Swag Academy is not required to provide a refund if you’ve watched more than 10% of the material since you don’t meet the refund policy requirements. We have given a few refunds to those who viewed more than 10% of the course before though but that is on a case-by-case basis and we are not obligated to provide a refund if you don’t meet our requirements. We want to make it fair for the students so they can have an adequate amount of time to see if this course is for them, but we also want to be fair to ourselves as we put a lot of time and effort into creating this course.
Unfortunately, we do not offer any payment plans even though we may try to implement one in the future. Currently at the moment, the program will need to be paid in full in order to access it.
You should not purchase this course if you are financially struggling. Day trading will not fix your immediate financial struggles and should not be used as a get rich quick or a “get out of debt quick” method. It takes substantial time and practice to develop the skills and knowledge to day-trade, and having those skills is no guarantee of positive returns. Only purchase my course if you have the time to learn and the financial means to do so. Please refer to my risk disclaimer at the bottom of the page. If you want to learn more about the market but are struggling financially, please stick to my YouTube. While the information differs, you are saving your capital during a rough time, which is IMPORTANT. Don’t listen to anyone saying you should spend your last dime on their course. You should NOT. Please only join my course if you have sufficient capital to learn and you’d like to learn in a more organized format (my YouTube jumps all over the place from Secure The Swag, to motivational videos to day trading). I repeat, please do NOT join my academy if you are struggling.
I’m sorry to hear this, but to answer your question, no. We do not guarantee ANY type of profits with this course. Please understand that. We can guarantee that you’ll have a great opportunity to learn, but in no way are we guaranteeing that you can make “x” amount of dollars if you join the program. We are in a nationwide pandemic right now where everyone’s lives are affected. If you’ve been laid off from your job (which again I’m SO sorry for), please do not purchase this course thinking you can recoup the lost capital from your consistent job.


NO. Please do not join this course if you think there’s some cheat code, or we’ve created some secret algorithm that guarantees success. We have not created any type of automated software that guarantees percentage gains of 50-430%+. There are people out there who claim to do that, but The Swag Academy does not. There is NO secret hack algorithm waiting for you once you join.
Yes! There is a built-in community inside where you can talk to ANYONE inside the course. You can talk to new students and/or you can talk to the students who were here when The Academy first launched. Up to you!
Right this second, no! There is nothing hidden behind the paywall. Once you pay to join the academy, you are good for life for the content you paid for. Meaning, everything that’s on the website right now, that is yours for LIFE. If we decide to create another service, you’ll be notified about the price if you are interested in it. But anything dealing with what you paid for, that is yours for life. Another note to make is, if we add new videos to “The Program,” which is a course inside The Swag Academy, that is all added for free; since it still deals with the program you originally purchased. That wouldn’t be considered a new service!
NO! Absolutely not. Students will ONLY pay if there’s a new service being added. For example: If we add 20 new videos, 10 new written articles and 7 more quizzes to the current academy, no current student will have to pay for that. That is all added for free. If the Academy goes under a revamp, meaning a new website, a new community timeline to make everything better and more smooth, students will be grandfathered over to the new website at NO extra cost. If we ever increase the cost of The Academy, no current student will have to pay the difference in price, just because we changed it. All added at no extra charge! You will pay if there’s a new service being added. For example: If there’s more content added to “The Program,” that’s free. If we add something that’s updated regularly and not apart of a standard course format like “the Program,” there may be a small monthly charge that everyone will have the option to deny. Again, anything dealing with the current academy that has to do with more content will be added at no extra charge. If we decide to offer any brand new and separate services, we will let you know about the costs of those new services at that time.
While the information on my YouTube channel is amazing, it’s unstructured. Meaning one day there can be a trading video, the next there can be a Secure The Swag, then afterwards could be a lifestyle video. The next can be an interview. The next can be a motivational video. Then there can be a 6 week wait. Then there’s another trading video. Here in the academy, everything other than trading is non-existent and the information is structured in order. Also, the information in The Academy is already there as it comes with 100+ videos already with new content always being added so you’re not waiting on anything. The academy also has a focus on day trading whereas my YouTube channel is very general with no specific focus (as I explained above), even though the content is great. As I said in a previous question, if you’re struggling financially but you still have an interest in day trading, please utilize my free YouTube channel and the “free learning ” program on my website, and other free resources out there. Don’t buy this course if the previous sentence relates to you. The content on YouTube may be random but at least you’re saving your capital during a rough time. If you have the extra capital to use and the price of the academy is not going to make or break you or put any type of financial strain on you, I definitely believe the value of the Academy outweighs my YouTube channel.
My goal is for people to finish this course and have the skillset to understand what day trading is and how to day trade. I cannot promise that you’ll instantly start day trading profitably from this Academy. My goal is for each person to end up with a better understanding of day trading once they finish the course than they had when they initially joined. Feel free to utilize free resources before joining this program, and if you ever decide to join this program and become a part of the community, feel free to look into other paid resources (books, other programs, etc.) as well if day trading continually interests you. We do believe we’re the best Forex program out there but if you want to combine information and learn from a few different places, that is totally understandable and not frowned upon.
Since the start of The Swag Academy on February 17th, 2020, we have constantly revamped the course. Whether it’s adding more information on top of what’s already there, re-structuring the current content for newer and more quality information, or making the website and community well-rounded so it’s a more fun place to be, we’re always trying to make the Academy better. If there is something missing that you feel could greatly benefit the Academy that DOESN’T include calling signals out so people can copy and paste them, creating a secret algorithm that has a win rate of 200% or anything else that goes against SEC guidelines, please let me know! Feel free to write it on the timeline in the community or email with the headline title: “Suggestion For The Academy” and we’ll greatly consider it!
No. Absolutely not. We cannot stress this enough. If you are looking for a signals group, please do not join the Academy. We do not give signals, nor do we control clients’ funds.
I cannot offer individual instruction or investment advice. Please consult your broker or financial advisor if you need specific advice.
Absolutely! Like I said before, if you have any ideas on new videos you’d like to see that’s not currently there or any suggestions on how to make The Swag Academy better, please let us know! Please email: as we take every suggestion into serious consideration! Please don’t refer anything outlandish like: “A copy and paste signals group” or anything else that goes against SEC, CFTC or NFA regulations. Thank you!
You don’t have to. If you find yourself gravitating to my content on YouTube and Instagram over others, then I think the decision is already made for you! The same goes for if you find yourself watching other people’s content over mine. There are no hard feelings either way. Weigh out the pros and cons of my Academy vs. another and whatever decision you come to, be okay with it. There’s no wrong answer! If you’re deciding between free material and my academy, choose the free material to initially save money! If you have extra capital that isn’t going to change your lifestyle if you spend it, feel free to join my Academy. Join my Academy if you want my personal perspective on the markets and want to join a growing community with a great experience inside once you join. As far as platforms out there, the numbers reflect that I have one of the biggest if not the biggest Forex educational sites in the world, so I don’t think you’ll regret your decision of joining, as long as you’re well-informed by reading the FAQ’s beforehand and share the same expectations that I have for you which is: understanding day trading WAY better than you did before joining. I do believe I’m the only one trying to teach Forex the right way (trying to be licensed in every department, doing everything under the guidelines of the SEC, CFTC and NFA, being transparent) and I do believe I’m one of the only ones that gives realistic expectations when it comes to this industry (yes you can be rich from day trading but the majority of traders lose and you should not try and quit your job 2 months from now. All in all, if you’re looking for someone you can relate to, who can explain the markets in a fun, interactive way with a growing community and entertaining content that keeps you glued to the screen for more than 10 minutes before your attention span dies, I do believe this Academy is the best in the world and it may be right for you!
Yes within the built in community inside! Unfortunately, due to the volume of students we have, I can’t personally talk to each student on the phone or FaceTime. But talking on the community timeline, in my inbox within the Academy or within the group chats we have, 100%! I’m in there!

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